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Ed Templeton: Hairdos of Defiance (Signed)

Ed Templeton: Hairdos of Defiance (Signed)

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From Disneyland to Detroit, Spokane to Scotland, Hairdos of Defiance highlights Templeton’s encounters with iconic punk-rock plumage across two decades and two continents. Shot on film, the portraits in Hairdos of Defiance track this ubiquitous expression of individuality on friends and strangers.

In the accompanying essay On Mohawks, Templeton reflects on the evolution of the mohawk, from its origins in indigenous culture to its emergence as a punk identifier, to its co-option by the mainstream, to its significance in his own life as an outsider kid growing up in suburbia.


Title: Hairdos of Defiance
Publisher: Deadbeat Club, 2018
Author: Ed Templeton
Photographer: Ed Templeton
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 23 x 17 cm, 68 pages
ISBN: 9780999829806
Edition: 1500 copies
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