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FilmNeverDie Umi 800 35mm Film 36 Exposures (£16.99 incl VAT)

FilmNeverDie Umi 800 35mm Film 36 Exposures (£16.99 incl VAT)

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FilmNeverDie is the shared vision of a small group of photographers living in Melbourne.Building on the the success of their IRO & Kiro films is Umi, an ISO 800 colour negative film.

Based on Kodak Vision 3 500T tungsten balanced motion picture film with the remjet layer removed so you can process in standard colour C-41 process. Re-spooled movie film, there may be light leaks on the first and last few frames. For artificial light, can look blue-ish in daylight unless shot with a warming filter.

Umi is Japanese for sea, which pairs perfectly with this high speed night/low-light optimised film. It comes in a paper based rather than plastic canister.

Name: Umi 800
 Color (negative)
Native ISO:
35mm DX Coded:
Spectral sensitivity:
Normal Process:
Push process:
Exposure latitude:

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