Fomapan 100 Classic 120 Film (£4.50 incl VAT)

Fomapan 100 Classic 120 Film (£4.50 incl VAT)

4.50 incl VAT

  • £3.75

Fomapan 100 Classic is an ISO 100/21° panchromatic black and white negative film. According to the manufacturer the film is characterized by high resolution, wide exposure latitude and fine grain. 

Name: Fomapan 100 Classic
 Foma Bohemia
 Black and white (negative)
Native ISO:
35mm, 120
35mm DX Coded: 
Spectral sensitivity:
Normal Process:

Cross Process: BW reversal
Push process: 3-stops: EI 1600
Exposure latitude:
 ±2 stops
Verified Manufacturer:
 Foma Bohemia

Technical info courtesy of EMULSIVE

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