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5.50 incl VAT

Fomapan 200 Creative 120 Film (£5.50 incl VAT)

Fomapan 200 Creative 120 Film (£5.50 incl VAT)

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Fomapan 200 Creative is an ISO 200/24° panchromatic black and white negative, hexagonal core/shell tabular silver grain grain film. According to Foma the film features excellent resolving power, low granularity and is intended for use under normal or slightly unfavourable light conditions. The film’s wide exposure latitude allows exposures between ISO 100/21° and 800/30° without a change of development time.

Name: Fomapan 200 Creative
 Foma Bohemia
 Black and white (negative)
Native ISO:
35mm, 120
35mm DX Coded: 
Spectral sensitivity:
Normal Process:

Cross Process: BW reversal
Push process: 3-stops: EI 1600
Exposure latitude:
 ±2 stops
Verified Manufacturer:
 Foma Bohemia

Technical info courtesy of EMULSIVE

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