Fujifilm Velvia 100 120 Film (£10.99 incl VAT)

Fujifilm Velvia 100 120 Film (£10.99 incl VAT)

£10.99 incl VAT

  • £9.16

Velvia 100 Professional [RVP 100] is an ISO 100/21° daylight-balanced high-image-quality color reversal film. In addition to Fuji’s assertation of “the world’s highest level of color saturation”, this film boasts an RMS granularity of 8.

Name: Fujifilm Velvia 100
Vendor: Fujifilm
Type: Color (reversal/slide)
Native ISO: 100
Format(s): 120
Spectral sensitivity: -
Normal Process: E-6

Cross Process: C-41
Push process: 3-stops: EI 400

Exposure latitude: ±0.3 stops
Verified Manufacturer: Fujifilm

Technical info courtesy of EMULSIVE

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