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Gareth McConnell: The Horses

Gareth McConnell: The Horses

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When Gareth McConnell was commissioned by the New York Times to photograph the wild horses of Iceland there was an apocalyptic feeling in the air from the  Russian invasion of Ukraine, food shortages and the climate emergency.

Guided by this feeling and not knowing much about the subject he took two referenve points with him; Edwin Muir's haunting poem The Horses and KLF member and pop shaman Bill Drummond's belief that a cosmic ley line comes Earth in the rifts of Iceland.

Using torches and gels the strange, colourful images enhance the psychedic otherworldliness of the location and make the horses look like "My Little Ponies on Mars".

Title: The Horses
Publisher: Sorika, 2023
Photographer: Gareth McConnell
Graphic Design: Scott King and Tom Etherington
Format: Hardback
Size: 31x 23 cm, 96 pages
ISBN: 9781739596415
Edition: 1000 copies
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