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George Selley: A Study of Assassination (Signed)

George Selley: A Study of Assassination (Signed)

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A Study of Assassination is a photobook exploring a CIA document recently made public, presenting a study to become an assassin. Young photographer George Selley denounces the United States tendencies to imperialism by playing with their double-edged international politics, business and influence intertwined. Between shameful lessons on murder and imperialism, George Selley presents in images this study he dutifully followed. In 1997, following a law on the right of information, the CIA released to the public a document called “A study of assassination”, written in 1953 for the destabilisation of Guatemala. It aimed to discard the newly elected president, Arbenz, who wanted to buy lands from United Fruits, a multinational American company who controled a fifth of the country resources and almost the whole worldwide sales of bananas. United Fruits led a campaign to paint the guatemalan president as a soviet puppet. Ties between economy and politics led to an offensive in June 1954, made of mercenaries trained by the CIA overthrows Arbenz. The CIA had written this study with the purpose of training the mercenaries to the assassination act. This success leads Guatemala into a political disarray, which lasted up until 1990.

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Title: A Study of Assassination
Publisher: The Eyes Publishing, 2019
Author: George Selley
Photographer: George Selley, Anonymous
Graphic Design: Name Name
Format: Type
Size: 30 x 25 cm, 192 pages
ISBN: 9791092727357
Edition: -



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