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Grange Farm Estate: Grange Farm Estate Summer 2021

Grange Farm Estate: Grange Farm Estate Summer 2021

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Grange Farm Estate in South Harrow was on the brink of being demolished when the estate’s young inhabitants got together to celebrate and immortalise their community. With the support of the charity My Yard and the help of industry creatives, a group of 10-16-year-olds documented life on their estate using disposable, medium-format cameras, creating Grange farm Book– an anthology of photographs commemorating their soon-to-be-vanished home.

"This is the story of the young people of Grange Farm, their creation and their legacy. Made by them, for them it is a legacy of community and truth. It was a chance to tell their own stories, with full access to knowledge and equipment used by industry creatives. 

By the time this book has reached your hands the estate as we know it has been knocked down and regenerated, most people moved on and many of this community separated.

The core of this community came together as non-secure tenants through a common denominator of trauma, many moved in knowing no one, The Mums vocalised how flats were falling to disrepair pending demolition, talks of drugs and violence were not rumours but experienced by many. But this wasn’t who they were, this was their canvas.

My Yard joined Grange Farm primarily to bring surplus food for the community, to rescue from landfills. Welcomed by the residents this resulted in bbq’s, youthwork, friendships, gardening, sports, Food markets and more. They helped each other through lockdowns and the youth created a ‘Changemaker’ network. Art soon took over the grey boards of regeneration and sports took over the play areas. 

We are here in memory of Grange Farm Estate as we knew it. 

Thanks to Henry Gorse and guest artists - Stephanie Francis Shanahan, Neesha Champaneria, Jackson Bowley, Roydon Misseldine, Rory Mullen & Bimpe Adenusi for making this all possible."

Rachel Diamond ( My Yard charity founder)


"We put on a series of workshops  to inspire and encourage creativity embracing a DIY approach using a variety of accessible and upcycled materials.

The idea is about giving the young people a platform to express themselves and tell their own stories. 

With the young change makers using disposable cameras and sharing my medium format camera we all worked together to create images which reflected the community of grange farm estate through the young peoples eyes.

We shot everything on film I had left over from commercial jobs and disposables Rachel sourced for the project. 

When you remove all these barriers this book is evident that the talent and creativity is there it’s about having the chance and opportunity to find and focus on it. The results I think you will agree are incredible. 

This is Grange Farm Estate by Grange Farm Estate"

Henry Gorse (artist working with My Yard)



Title: Grange Farm Estate Summer 2021
Publisher: My Yard, 2022
Author: Rachel Diamond and the young people from the Grange Farm Estate
Photographers: Shot by the young people on the Grange Farm Estate
Format: Softcover with jacket
Size: 23.5 x 28.5 cm, 140 pages

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