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Henrik Malmstroem: Sistemas de Basura

Henrik Malmstroem: Sistemas de Basura

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Garbage Systems is a photographic investigation that focuses on the objects that the 'cartoneros' of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires use to support the lids of the new garbage containers, in an attempt to obtain materials that they later will bring to recycling centers.

Through these objects, the series shows a new nocturnal landscape characteristic of the city. A landscape that speaks as much of those who get rid of the garbage, as of those who are dedicated to the collection, classification, and sale as merchandise of it. The images seek to metaphorically portray new forms of life and a social relationship through the things found in the black containers that populate the streets of the city.


Title: Sistemas de Basura
Publisher: SED
Author: Henrik Malmstroem
ISBN: 9786000032272

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