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Hoasca 100 35mm Film 36 Exposures (£17.00 incl VAT)

Hoasca 100 35mm Film 36 Exposures (£17.00 incl VAT)

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Hoasca of Indonesia take Kodak Vision3 35mm motion picture films, wash off the remjet layer, cut and spool the film into 35mm cartridges so they can be used in 35mm still cameras and developed in standard C-41 process rather than ECN2 motion picture film processing.

Hoasca 100 is Kodak Vision 3 50D 5203 daylight film. It's the latest generation of Kodak motion picture film used to shoot many contemporary movies and TV shows with fine grain, rich colours and deep shadows even in bright high-contrast daylight. It's a film designed to be seen on the big screen.

The film is coated on a triacetate base with the removal of the remjet layer effectively removing any anti-halation from the film, which can result in an increased halo effect.

Hoasca take their name from Ayahuasca, the south american psychoactive brew as their film can "in a way can alter one reality, it helps your intuition, because again in film photography, every shot counts." They chose the jellyfish for their packaging "it being the most psychedelic animal and knows no boundary in the vast ocean, the other interesting fact is jellyfish also have no brain, which makes them even more awesome for us, film photography is limitless, and what we hope is it's always a no-brainer to pick Hoasca over other film as your choice in the journey."

Name: Hoasca 100
Vendor: Hoasca
Motion picture color (negative)
ISO: 100
35mm DX Coded: -
Spectral sensitivity:
Normal Process:
Verified Manufacturer: Kodak Vision 3 50D 5203 


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