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Iain Sinclair: Pariah Genius

Iain Sinclair: Pariah Genius

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In ​Pariah Genius, literary giant Iain Sinclair follows in the footsteps of photographer John Deakin, whose chronicles of Soho life - and the world of Francis Bacon and his friends - have so influenced our perception of that generation's work.

In this bold fictionalisation, Sinclair enters the underworld of Deakin's life and imagination, pursuing his subject across continents, in dive bars, and bedrooms. The result is an engrossing, utterly unique portrait of a man who some felt was a fallen angel, and others, the devil himself.

Title: Pariah Genius 
Publisher: Cheerio Publishing, 2024
Author: Iain Sinclair
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781739440534

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