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Idle Idyll: Izzy Leach

Idle Idyll: Izzy Leach

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‘We would use the trips to rivers and lochs as a way of filling up the long summer days and as I got older, the activity evolved into a more complex means of socialising. Returning to these spaces now as an adult signified another shift and unexpectedly, a quiet feeling of loss. The cyanotypes were a further exploration into the limitations of memory; the natural imperfections of the printing process reflecting my attempts to rei
magine my own’ 

- Izzy Leach

There are many ways to compare memory to water. We’re carried on its slipstream. It has deceptive undercurrents and tricks of refraction. But mostly, the image it reflects is shifting. The places and images that are caught in our personal lore take on mythic qualitie that transform them. Memory, intoxicated with desire, tells us about what we need things to represent, as opposed to how they are.”

- Maria Paradinas

Title: Idle Idyll
Publisher: Zone 6 
Photographer: Izzy Leach 
Format: Sewn sections cased in three panel, wrap around cover, with double sided loose prints
Size: 26 Pages 20 x 25 cm
Edition: 1st edition 
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