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£14.99 incl VAT

Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro Single Use Camera (£14.99 incl VAT)

Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro Single Use Camera (£14.99 incl VAT)

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The ILFORD ILFOCOLOR rapid retro edition single Use Camera is a point and shoot disposable camera loaded with "Ilfocolor" Film. This Retro ILFORD camera is a throw back to the 1960’s with it's vintage toned colour film and to the 1980s taking it's design from the livery of the Ilford Rally team from that decade.

The ILFORD ILFOCOLOR Rapid single use camera is pre-loaded with 27-exposure ISO 400 Vinyage Tone colour negative film. The fast film combined with a built-in flash makes the ILFOCOLOR Rapid a versatile performer, delivering great results outdoors and indoors and in low light conditions.

The contained film is able to be developed by all colour (C-41) labs.


Format: 35mm
Type: Compact
Lens: 30mm
Focal length: 1m-
Viewfinder: Field = 70%
Aperture: f11
Shutter speed: (1/125s) w
ISO: 400 
Flash: Built in flash, 15 second recycle time
Size: 12 x 10 x 5 cm
Weight: 130g

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