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Ilford SFX 200 35mm Film 36 Exposures (£11.99 incl VAT)

Ilford SFX 200 35mm Film 36 Exposures (£11.99 incl VAT)

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Ilford SFX 200 is an ISO 200/24º medium speed black and white camera film with extended red sensitivity (up to 740nm). It is especially suited for use with a filter to create an infrared wood effect.

the film can be used with conventional deep red (#25) filters, as well as specialised R72 (#87) filters to render skier black and green vegetation white. Unfiltered, the film can provide near-IR effects. Best results are often obtained in bright sunshine or in the studio under tungsten lighting.

Name: Ilford SFX 200
 Ilford (Harman Technology)
 Black and white (negative)
Native ISO:
 35mm, 120
35mm DX Coded: 
Spectral sensitivity:
 Panchromatic+ IR sensitivity
Normal Process:
Cross Process: BW reversal
Push process: 
Exposure latitude:
Verified Manufacturer:
 Ilford (Harman Technology)

Technical info courtesy of EMULSIVE

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