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Middle East Archive: In the Name of God

Middle East Archive: In the Name of God

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This latest release by the Middle East Archive highlights Western misconceptions around Islam and showcases the faith’s peaceful nature. Set against the backdrop of rising Islamophobia in France, it underscores the importance of accurate representation. The book celebrates the cultural and religious life of the Muslim diaspora in France, highlighting their resilience and devotion through photography. It portrays daily expressions of faith, communal practices, and the integrated blend of tradition and modernity, aiming to reshape perceptions and celebrate the beauty of Islam and its ummah.

The book features photographs from Algerian photographer Mohamed Lounes, Iranian photographer Abbas and other photographers.

The book includes an introduction written by Middle East Archive founder and curator Romaisa Baddar. 


Title: In the Name of God
Publisher: Middle East Archive, 2024
Photographers: Various
Author: Romaisa Baddar, translated by Mourad Nusair
Format: Linen-bound hardback with tipped-in image

Size: 18 x 23 cm 

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