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Jamie Yeo: Plant Scans

Jamie Yeo: Plant Scans

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Similar to the way we might interact with fallen leaves, blossoms, and plants encountered on the street or in the park, the images in ‘Plant Scans’ are not reproduced to scale and not bound in any specific order. This means that every copy has differently ordered pages and is therefore unique. The book also comes with a small magnifying sheet, allowing the aspiring botanist in all of us to better observe the minute details found in this collection of organic scans. Singapore-based graphic designers Jamie Yeo and Gideon Kong are responsible for the concept and design of this series.

Title: Plant Scans
Publisher: Temporary Press, 2022
Photographers: Jamie Yeo
Graphic Design: Jamie Yeo, Gideon Kong
Format: Softcover, stapled, Risograph printed
Size: 13 x 19 cm, 65 pages
ISBN: 9789811420719
Edition: 2nd edition of 350
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