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Jeroen Lutters: Creative Theories of (Just About) Everything

Jeroen Lutters: Creative Theories of (Just About) Everything

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The book represents a search for the potential of creativity in the twenty-first century. By re-thinking the origins and meaning of creativity today, the author explores the origin of creativity, the knowledge of creativity and the politics of creativity – taken together, these themes express the history of creativity as an evolutionary process of a new tradition in thinking about creativity, which can be described as: creative materialism. Creative Theories of (Just About) Everything explores and defines a ‘possible world’ in which creativity is part of everything in nature. Knowing and using this creative source should be a formative force, not only in the arts and in education, but in rethinking our society at large.

The book serves as a source of inspiration for critical and creative thinkers, artists, art historians, philosophers, literary researchers, cultural and social scientists and anyone who is interested in the subject of creativity.


Title: Creative Theories of (Just About) Everything
Publisher: Valiz, 2020
Author: Jeroen Lutters
Graphic Design: Sam de Groot
Format: Softcover
Size: 23.5 x 16.5, 208 pages
ISBN: 9789492095749
Edition: -
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