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Jeroen Lutters: In the Shadow of the Artwork

Jeroen Lutters: In the Shadow of the Artwork

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Art is a form of thinking and dialoguing; it is an unusual source of knowledge. In this publication the reader is introduced to Art-Based Learning, a method that enables the spectator to explore these dialogues, and ‘converse’ with art works. Art-Based Learning can refer both to learning about art as a source and learning about art as a means, e.g. the way art can generate insight into the significance of learning itself. The method offers the possibility to seek fresh correlations in a dialogue with the art work.
The author uses three triptychs to demonstrate, step by step, how relevant questions can produce a different perception and understanding, and how works of art, as ‘speaking objects’, can produce new experiences or new knowledge.

In the Shadow of the Art Work is intended for students and teachers of art, art history, drama and cinema, literature, philosophy, anthropology, theology and interdisciplinary studies. The developed method is also highly suited to Artistic Research at academies of art, music, film and dance.


Title: In the Shadow of the Artwork
Publisher: Valiz, 2019
Author: Jeroen Lutters
Graphic Design: Sam de Groot
Format: Softcover
Size: 23.5 x 16.5, 304 pages
ISBN: 9789492095664
Edition: -
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