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Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make Photographs

Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make Photographs

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This ‘Masters of Photography’ series is a new approach to photography how-to. Each volume is dedicated to the work of one key photographer who, through a series of bite-sized lessons and ideas, tells you everything you always wanted to know about their approach to taking photographs. From their influences, ideas, and experiences, to tech tips, and best shots. Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make Photographs is the first in a landmark new series of photography books where key photographers lead you through all you need to know to understand how they take their amazing shots. 

The series begins with Joel Meyerowitz, who will teach you, among other essentials: how to use a camera to reclaim the streets as your own, why you need to watch the world always with a sense of possibility, how to set your subjects at ease, and the importance of being playful and of finding a lens that suits your personality. Illustrations of Meyerowitz’s seminal work are included throughout the book.


Title: Joel Meyerowitz - How I Make Photographs
Publisher: Lawrence King, 2020
Author: Joel Meyerowitz
Photographer: Joel Meyerowitz
Graphic Design: Atlas Design
Format: Softcover
Size: 20 x 14.4 cm, 128 pages
ISBN: 9781786275806
Edition: -



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