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John Myers: Life As It Is (signed)

John Myers: Life As It Is (signed)

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This publication imagines a day in the life that we find lying dormant in Myers archive. This hardback, clothbound book features as a B-side to ‘The Works’ trilogy, and will be produced at equally high standards with the majority of images previously unpublished. This narrative approach to Myers' collection is the first of its kind. The publication weaves together distinct customs of a peaceful middle England and uncanny sights that ‘don’t conform to how the world should look.’ Frames throughout the book invite us to step into nostalgic environments. Passing through each threshold, we are greeted by folk often characterised by their occupations - butchers, sales assistants, dinner ladies.

Myers has always maintained that he had no grand plan with his photography, simply shooting what his eyes were drawn to. In this respect, perhaps this book is somewhat autobiographical.

“Houses, buses,removal vans, hairdressers, people having their photograph taken, roofs being replaced, washing drying, bananas growing, tyres, houses and ice cream for sale. They are all here.”

We are often unconscious of this ‘fabric of the world’, but here we recognise the sense of comfort. The habitat presented is Myers most immediate surroundings, Stourbridge in the Midlands, UK. There is a familiarity in these images that can be felt across generations of suburban dwellers alike. When we look closely at the images, glimmers of anecdotes seem to emerge.


Title: Life As It Is
Publisher: RRB Photobooks, 2022
Photographer: John Myers
Format: Hardcover, uncoated cloth
Size: 22 x 26 cm
ISBN: 9781838268367
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