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£22.99 incl VAT

KONO! Delight Art II 400 35mm Film (£22.99 incl VAT)

KONO! Delight Art II 400 35mm Film (£22.99 incl VAT)

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For their Delight films Kono! Manufaktur take an established colour professional 35mm film and using a device of their own creation hand-tint it to provide a different saturation, hue and contrast with intense colours and fine grain. The parameters are all digitally controlled to provide consistent results and to be gentle on the film.

Delight Art II 400 has a different colour palette to the previous Delight films with saturated and bright colours. When the sun is shining, the film shows the world in delicate pastel shades. The lower the light, the stronger the tint. The look of the Delight ART II 400 film is a homage to the late 70s.

Name: KONO! Delight Art II 400

Vendor: KONO! 
Type: Colour (negative)
Native ISO: 400
Format(s): 35mm 36 exposures
35mm DX Coded: -
Spectral sensitivity: -
Normal Process: C-41
Push process: -
Exposure latitude: -
Verified Manufacturer: 

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