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Laura El-Tantawy: Pang'Ono Pang'Ono (signed and numbered)

Laura El-Tantawy: Pang'Ono Pang'Ono (signed and numbered)

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Pang’Ono Pang’Ono explores the emotional and physical toll on women in Malawi in their quest to access clean water. The title — Pang’Ono Pang’Ono or little by little — is borrowed from a colloquial Chichewa expression referencing time and urging patience  — used here to metaphorically reflect on the sentiment around water. With a population of nearly 21 million people, Malawi is one of the smallest and least-developed countries in Africa. Although the country has an abundance of water — with around 24,404 square kilometres flowing through its fertile land, including Lake Malawi, the third-largest freshwater lake on the continent — providing clean water to every single citizen is a national problem. One in three people live without it. Considered a domestic chore, the responsibility of securing water falls predominantly on the shoulders of women. The series was produced over a period of 10 days working on commission with WaterAid in Malawi.


Title: Pang'Ono Pang'Ono
Publisher: Self Published, 2023
Photographer: Laura El-Tantawy
Graphic Design: SYB
Format: Hardcover, half linen with transparent foil emboss
Size: 28.8 x 19 cm
ISBN: 9780993287657
Edition: 500, signed and numbered
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