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£11.90 incl VAT

LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 120 Film (£11.90 incl VAT)

LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 120 Film (£11.90 incl VAT)

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LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 is a unique negative film designed to be shot at an EI range of anywhere between 100 and 400. The film produces false colours with an overall purple hue that are reminiscent of Kodak AEROCHROME colour infrared film.

The film currently on sale is Lomography’s second version, which limits the purple tone somewhat but as with its predecessor, responds with deeper purple hues when shot at a lower Exposure Index – EI 200/24° or EI 100/21° versus EI 400/27°.

Name: Lomography LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400
Vendor: Lomography
Type: Color (negative)
Native ISO: 100-400
Format(s): 35mm, 120
35mm DX Coded: No
Spectral sensitivity: -
Normal Process: C-41
Cross Process: BW reversal
Push process: +2
Exposure latitude: -
Verified Manufacturer: 3-5 stops
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