Loose Associations Vol. 2:2

Loose Associations Vol. 2:2

Exhibition Reader

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Loose Associations is The Photographers’ Gallery's printed journal, offering a diverse set of reflections on photography and image culture. Loosely inspired by the gallery’s exhibition programme, LA includes essays both written and visual, artist pages, images, interviews, fiction and philosophy from a wide range of contributors. 


Title: Loose Associations Vol. 2:2
Publisher: The Photographers' Gallery
Author: Russell Roberts, Clare Grafik, Kate McFarlane, Nancy Hellebrand, Justine Varga, Holly Pester, Bindi Vora, Maurizio Anzeri, Nicolas Malevé, Sam Mercer, Bert Hardy
Photographer: Various
Graphic Design: Sarah Boris
Format: Softcover
Size: 18 x 13 cm, 63 pages
Edition: -

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