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Luke Stephenson: British Record Fish (Signed)

Luke Stephenson: British Record Fish (Signed)

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This is a document of the most popular participation sport in the UK.

The British Record Fish Committee hold a list of 31 active fresh water fish records from the UK. Overseeing submissions from anglers who believe the have caught the heaviest fish of a particular species.

The anglers must submit certain information to the committee to verify their claim. They must submit a picture of the fish in question, have it weighed (on scales verified by the national measurements office), supply the location of the capture, and list the type of rod and tackle used to catch the fish in question.

Using all this information I set about visiting each location, to make photographs of the rivers and lakes where each of these fish titans were caught. These images are paired with the original submission photos (anglers included).



Title: British Record Fish
Publisher: Stephenson Press, 2021
Author: Essay by Michael Smith
Photographer: Luke Stephenson
Graphic Design and editing: Julian Goll and Sean Perkins (North)
Format: Splash proof PVC Softcover
Size: 30.7 x 20.5 cm
ISBN: 9780957434134

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