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Mario Giacomelli: Questo Ricordo Lo Vorrei Raccontare

Mario Giacomelli: Questo Ricordo Lo Vorrei Raccontare

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“In my recent work, I would like to tell you about this memory there are underlying spiritual elements with an autobiographical background closed in images where everything is given as an essence, as a mental smell, as a symbol, as a projection of thought.
In the enclosure of language the subject takes on a new vitality, in new circumstances, which breaks the old patterns to evoke that music which is the desire to live again, a precious critical confession of mine of the adventure of life, a line of reflection linked to the signs born from the post-operative fog which then became strong and precise crystal, a flow of images between me and the world, mixed with my fragile breath which supported the body in that moment, folds of the soul invaded by light, to concoct a story also as a future intuition in the silent river of time."
(Mario Giacomelli, 2000)



Title: Questo Ricordo Lo Vorrei Raccontare
Publisher: Skinnerboox, 2024
Photographer: Mario Giacomelli

Editors: Katiuscia Biondi Giacomelli, Milo Montelli

Authors: Texts by Katiuscia Biondo Giacomelli, Brad Feuerhelm, Davide Rondoni, Francesco Zanot

Graphic Design: CH-RO-MO
Format: Softback with Swiss binding
Size: 24 x 28 cm, 108 pages
ISBN: 9788894895780

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