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Martin Zähringer: Turbo

Martin Zähringer: Turbo

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Objects of desire, rust buckets, sinkholes for money, family experience makers, new and shiny not for long, engineering marvels, polluters, life lines, toys, driving machines, safe places, weapons, design marvels, killers and memory facilitators.

They are a central element to everything that we do and our relationship with them is one that is all but uncomplicated. Turbo is a collage of imagery that is very personal and, at the same time, explores some of the above themes in a haphazard, incomplete and imperfect manner.


Title: Turbo
Publisher: Self published, 2021
Photographer: Martin Zähringer
Stylist: Flora Huddart
Model: Ayobami Okekunle at IMG Models
Graphic Design: Beatriz Cóias
Format: Softcover
Size: 28.5 x 20 cm, 80 pages

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