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Melissa Miles: Photography, Truth and Reconciliation

Melissa Miles: Photography, Truth and Reconciliation

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Photography, Truth and Reconciliation charts the connections between photography and a crucial issue in contemporary social history. The book examines the prevalence of photography in cultural responses to processes of truth and reconciliation, and argues that photographs are a valuable means through which stories can be retold and historiography can be rethought. Five compelling case studies from Argentina, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Cambodia underscore the special role that this medium has played in facilitating processes of recovery, and in reconstructing suppressed histories, even when a documentary record of the events does not exist. The diverse practices addressed in this book - including artistic, protest, institutional, archival, legal and personal photography - prompt a new consideration of photography's links to presence, place, time, spectatorship and justice. Collectively, these practices attest to photography's key role in transitional justice, and in shaping historical understanding internationally. Important reading for students taking photography, visual culture, history and media studies courses, Photography, Truth and Reconciliation explores key historical and theoretical themes, including photography and testimony, international discourses on human rights and justice, and problematic notions of public and collective memory.


Title: Photography, Truth and Reconciliation
Publisher: Routledge 2019
Author: Melissa Miles
Photographer: -
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover
Size: 23.3 x 15.6 cm, 234 pages
ISBN: 9781474296069
Edition: -


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