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Michele Palazzi: Mongolia Felix (signed)

Michele Palazzi: Mongolia Felix (signed)

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This journey is a path through the daily lives of people all over the Mongolia country: from the families in the Gobi desert who chose to continue the tradition of the steppe despite all difficulties, to the young people in UlaanBaatar who live, consume and have fun in a way more and more similar to their western Peers’; from the kids forced to look for food and shelter in a dump, to the people who abandoned nomadic life hoping to find happiness in a more urban lifestyle, but ended up being trapped in-between.

But Mongolia Felix is also a journey through the soul of one who have found the archetypes of his childhood, his family history, his origins in this very distant and misunderstood country, as witnessed by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti in the final text of the book.


Title: Mongolia Felix
Publisher: Origini Edizioni, 2021
Authors: Michele Palazzi, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti
Photographer: Michele Palazzi
Graphic Design: Origini Edizioni
Format: Handcrafted in various papers, different folder with each copy.
Size: 30 x 43 cm 68 pages
Edition: 150 copies, numbered and signed
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