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Milo Reid: Are We Always Outside (signed)

Milo Reid: Are We Always Outside (signed)

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Are We Always Outside is the culmination of numerous self commissioned photographic excursions across varying terrains and climates over the course of 7 years. The series of 33 images serves as a cross section of Reid’s examination of the natural world, aiming to represent nature in its most untouched and abundant form through to its interweaving with human management.

Created across territories of differing languages the cover art and absence of text was chosen to allow for a universal reading. The symbol is a polar graph with lines plotting the sun’s path over the course of a year. It represents the sun’s role in sustaining life inside and outside the spaces we create for shelter and encourages us to examine our place in the order of nature. 


Title: Are We Always Outside
Publisher: Self Published, 2022
Photographer: Milo Reid
Format: Hardcover clothbound, gold debossed
Size: 24 x 16.5 cm
Edition: 450 copies, numbered
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