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Paul Cupido: 4 a.m. (signed)

Paul Cupido: 4 a.m. (signed)

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“Moon woke me up
  nine times
— still just 4 a.m.”
A haiku from Bashō that forms the central idea of the book 4 a.m.
The book is an experience, a journey at 4 a.m., the zone in which the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms are nearly non-existent. Or more simple: the moment in which the dream world and the real world are overlapping.

This book was printed on artisan Biotope Cotton paper, which was shipped by boat from Japan to Amsterdam. The boutique printers Robstolk are famous for their "skeleton" black, and a frequency modulated raster grid, which makes offset printing look like analogue photographic printing. 4 a.m. was "perfect" Japanese bound with cold glue by Agia Bookbinders, including a belly band with a screen print in matt gold bronze.

The books are individually wrapped in a protective seal bag, and are hand-numbered and signed.


Title: 4 a.m.
Publisher: Self published, 2021
Photographer: Paul Cupido
Graphic Design: Akiko Wakabayashi
Format: Japanese perfect bound
Size: 14 x 21 cm, 198 pages visible
Edition: 500 ( strict)
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