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Pia Riverola: Flechazo

Pia Riverola: Flechazo

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Flechazo takes you on a nostalgic journey along Mexican destinations and encounters, capturing its upbeat soul, rich culture, famously lush nature, dreamy beaches, and tropical flora-  in Riverola’s distinctly captivating and romantic detail. ‘Light and love can turn the mundane into beautiful and the other way around, beauty can become dull without it.’

Born in Barcelona and traveling the globe for her photography, in Mexico Riverola spent her formative years growing into a photographer, woman, lover, mother - and latest Mexican resident.

Starting in 2012, Flechazo is a documentation of 10 years spent across the country - from Ixtapa to Oaxaca and Mexico City- characterized by her delicate color palettes and gentle scenes. A journey of intuition and self-led discovery, the book is a constantly evolving mirror of Riverola’s self, her encounters, and her state of mind. Resulting in a body of work that is full of love, empathy, and sensuality that highlights the magical details and moments in between Mexican life

Poetic intermezzo by John Reagan, artist and partner of Pia, father to their firstborn Rio.

Title: Flechazo
Publisher: Homecoming Gallery, 2023
Photographer: Pia Riverola
Author: Text by John Reagan
Graphic Design: Mainstudio
Format: Hard linen cover with embossed photo on cover and back
Size: 24 x 34 cm, 210 pages
ISBN: 9789083272108
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