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£79.99 incl VAT

Polaroid Go Generation 2.0 Camera (£79.99 incl VAT)

Polaroid Go Generation 2.0 Camera (£79.99 incl VAT)

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The new Polaroid Go is the world's smallest analogue instant camera. Measuring just 10.5 cm long, 8.4 cm wide, and 6.1 cm tall the Go is a fraction of the size of previous Polaroid cameras. It was designed as a wearable creative companion, with a miniature version of the classic, square format film to match so you can "create big, smaller".

It packs a flash in it's compact body and is equipped with a timer and selfie mirror to put yourself in the picture plus creative double exposure mode.

Polaroid Go is the most significant change to the Polaroid form for decades and as such Go cameras and films are not compatible with other Polaroid cameras and films.

Generation 2 model now made with 30% recycled plastic.



Format: Polaroid integral instant film
Type: Go
Lens: Autofocus system via two fixed zones
Aperture: f/12 & f/52
Focal length: 34mm (35mm equivalent)
Shutter speed: 1-125-30 sec
Flash: Automatic flash (with override) Vacuum discharge tube storage
Power supply: high performance lithium-ion battery, 
Size: 105mm  x 83.9mm  x 61.5mm 
Weight: 242 grams without film pack
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