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Raymond Meeks: Halfstory Halflife

Raymond Meeks: Halfstory Halflife

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Over the course of multiple summers, Raymond Meeks has ventured the few miles from his rural home in the Catskill Mountain region of New York, to a single-lane bridge spanning the tributaries of Bowery and Catskill Creeks. Beneath the bridge, a waterfall drops sixty-feet over moss-covered limestone toward a forbidding pond. The local youth have come here from time immemorial, congregating near outcroppings and around a concrete altar – a remnant of an earlier stone bridge. Most allow themselves a brief running start before launching their pale bodies into the void, where tentative suggestions of flight mark the response to gravity. Taken collectively, their gestures allude to ritual, a prayerful response to the exigencies of budding sexuality and a future rife with uncertainty. Halfstory Halflife is a distillation of the photographs made in the shadows of these falls, marked each summer by the emergence of young adults perched at a precipice both in space and in their lives.


Title: Halfstory Halflife
Publisher: Chose Commune, 2018
Author: Raymond Meeks
Photographer: Raymond Meeks
Graphic Design: Bureau Kayser
Format: Softcover
Size: 28 x 21.5 cm, 01 pages
ISBN: 9791096383085
Edition: -
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