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Road To Nowhere: Volume 3

Road To Nowhere: Volume 3

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Volume Three sees 27 contributors explore the legacy of a homeland throughout its diaspora and document their journeys to their homelands. From the Polish diaspora to the Ghanaian, from Sri Lanka and Palestine, to Kosovo and Kurdistan, we celebrate the continuation of culture through the movements of people across the world and the impacts of migration on creativity. Alongside Farid Ghimas' beautiful portrait, we have two limited edition covers by Nico Froehlich and Tori Ferenc. Includes an A5 Zine by Darwon Rashid and stickers. 

Featuring: Maciek Pozoga, Farid Renais Ghimas, Olgac Bozalp, Kenneth Lam, Nico Froehlich, Safia Lamrani, Salma Chouqair, Raheela Suleman, Al Amin Al Hassan, Arber Gashi, Roshad van der Pool, Anna Chan, Darwon Rashid, Charnjit Gill, Serrein Sabbah, Khandan Rashid, Tariro Kadare, Nabil Tazi, Shams Fekaiki, Nahwand Jaff, Liz Yu, Tomi Adegbayibi, JK Abuah, Tori Ferenc, Berfin Arslan, Saadia Mebchour and Kazna Asker.

Title: Road To Nowhere: Volume 3
Publisher: Road To Nowhere 
Format: Softcover

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