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Rosalind Fox Solomon: The Forgotten (Signed)

Rosalind Fox Solomon: The Forgotten (Signed)

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The latest book by photographer Rosalind Fox Solomon begins by meditating upon the differences and regularities that shape the lives of people around the world. In a Brazilian favela, a man daydreams while holding a reproduced painting of French royalty. In New York, a mother beams at her daughter who wears a Statue of Liberty Crown. In a school in rural Guatemala, young children pretend to make music with paper instruments.
Collected here, Solomon’s compassionate images pay tribute while bearing unflinching witness to those people around the world whose bodies have become sites of conflict and stand as permanent memorials to the merciless pursuit of power.


Title: The Forgotten
Publisher: Mack, 2021
Photographer: Rosalind Fox Solomon
Graphic Design: Morgan Crocroft Brown
Format: Embossed hardback
Size: 28 x 24 cm, 160 pages
ISBN:  9781913620479

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