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Sofia Coppola: Archive

Sofia Coppola: Archive

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Archive is the first book by Sofia Coppola, covering the entirety of her singular and influential career in film. Constructed from Coppola’s personal collection of photographs and ephemera, including early development work, reference collages, influences, annotated scripts, and unseen behind-the-scenes documentation, it offers a detailed account of all eight of her films to date.

An art book personally edited and annotated throughout by Coppola, Archive offers an intimate encounter with her methods, references, and collaborators and an unprecedented insight into her working processes. Accompanying the highly personal images and texts from Coppola’s archive is an extended interview with renowned film journalist Lynn Hirschberg discussing the remarkable oeuvre they reflect.

Sold out. Preorder now for reprint expected mid-November 2023.

Title: Archive Sofia Coppola
Publisher,Year: Mack Books, 2023
Author: Lynn Hirschberg 
Photographer: Sofia Coppola
Graphic Design: Joseph Logan and Anamaria Morris
Format: Paperback with embossed jacket
Size: 28 x 21.6 cm, 488 pages
ISBN: 9781915743138

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