Stephan Keppel: Soft Copy Hard Copy

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In 2018 Stephan Keppel started collecting works and stories of Amsterdam; the city where he lives, and works. The city is constantly changing, and so are the visible, invisible, social and historic structures. In Soft Copy Hard Copy Stephan Keppel explores and organizes these structures, creating an organic index of the city. This book is part of Keppel’s ongoing research on the public space, urban structures and reproduction, and is combining his own photographs with re-photographed archival material, texts and other (online and offline) found footage.


Title: Soft Copy Hard Copy
Publisher: Fw Books, 2021
Author: Stephan Keppel
Photographer: Stephan Keppel
Graphic Design: Hans Gremmen
Format: Hardcover
Size: 30 x 22 cm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9789490119911 
Edition: -

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