Stephen Shore: Los Angeles, CA, February 4, 1969 (Vol. LXIX)

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"In 1969 I was interested in how I could reduce the presence of visual conventions in my work. I wanted to get at something that felt more like an unmediated experience. I tried several approaches. One was to use conceptual frameworks that would eliminate some of my subjective decision-making. But, I approached Los Angeles, CA, February 4, 1969 differently. By using virtually every picture I made that day, I was aiming at a kind of visual stream-of-consciousness series that challenged conventions of framing."

- Stephen Shore, 2018


Title: Los Angeles, CA, February 4, 1969
Publisher: Roman Nvmerals, 2019
Author: Stephen Shore
Photographer: Stephen Shore
Graphic Design: Dana Faconti
Format: Softcover
Size: 21 x 15.5 cm, 64 pages
Edition: 200, first printing

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