Susan Meiselas: Photopaper 33/34 - Porch Portraits, South Carolina & Mississippi 1974 (Signed)

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"I would drive down a road, see a house, stop my car and hope that someone would open their door. I hadn’t planned what I would say. I began by explaining that I was teaching photography in the local elementary school, that I came from the North, and would like to take their photo. I didn’t really know why. As my work has evolved, it’s rarely been focused on portraits. Portraits usually aren’t an expression of a sustained relationship. I often find them to be awkward and tense encounters. Now, from a distance of more than 40 years, there are so many more questions that I wish I had asked, but maybe didn’t feel that I could. These photographs come from a time when tenderness was still possible. We could see each other, if only for a moment. Each exchange led me to make a picture and when I returned home I sent every family a print in the form of an enlarged postcard. That process was most important to me. They had welcomed me to trespass. The postcard was simply a gesture to acknowledge that crossing we shared. I wonder now how their lives have evolved. Looking back at myself as a young white woman making this work leads me to rethink my own connection to the history of the South, which I knew so little about then." - Susan Meiselas


Title: Photopaper 33/34 - Porch Portraits
Publisher: Photopaper, 2018
Author: Susan Meiselas
Photographer: Susan Meiselas
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover
Size: 29 x 21 cm, 32 pages
Edition: -






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