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Takashi Homma: Tokyo and my Daughter

Takashi Homma: Tokyo and my Daughter

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This is an extended edition of Takashi Homma’s revered series “Tokyo and my Daughter” (originally published in 2006). As per the title, the photobook lives off the connection between Homma’s home of Tokyo and a little girl who we see grow up into a young child. We see the girl – who is not actually Homma’s daughter but the daughter of a friend – peers at (or rather slightly next to) the camera with a serene expression, seemingly unimpressed, an effect further strengthened by Homma’s disconnected way of photographing. This is not to say that Homma’s images are clinical or uninterested in their subject. On the contrary, his photographs are filled with sincerity and warmth, and the same tenderness he shows towards the girl can be found in Homma’s photographs of Tokyo’s urban landscape.

“Tokyo and my Daughter” is a book that reveals the depth of its charm gradually, through repeated viewings, although its qualities are immediately apparent. The true connection between the girl captured growing up and the city of Tokyo may be as simple as Homma’s own statement about the book: “I love my daughter very much. I love Tokyo very much.”




Title: Tokyo and my Daughter
Publisher: Nieves, 2021
Photographer: Takashi Homma
Format: Softcover
Size: 225 × 160 mm  52 pages 
ISBN: 9783907179185
Edition: Second printing
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