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The Alec Gill Hessle Road photo archive

The Alec Gill Hessle Road photo archive

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Alec Gill took his first photograph of Hull's Hessle Road fishing community in 1971. He drew up a boundary map and stuck to it conscientiously, taking photographs on a range of streets over a period of years, witnessing the changing landscape over time. One of the things that makes this project so special is Alec's precise dedication to one road and its surrounding community.

This book digs deeper into the image archive to find more stories of life as it was in this small corner of the country - a part of British social history that’s not often spoken about outside of the city. It looks at Alec’s personal story before, and leading up to, his documentary study with a specific focus on his fascinating documentation process. He's a meticulous researcher who categorises his findings in such a systematic way that his all-encompassing body of work has become a collection in itself. A number of unpublished photographs will be presented in the book.

Alec Gill's body of work reveals a unique portrayal of the city of Hull during a challenging period of change. His depiction of this vibrant working-class neighbourhood during the decline of its fishing trade and a period of mass housing demolition is a warm representation of the community that deserves to be preserved and more widely recognised.

A permanent and tangible object made to the highest standard that celebrates and honours Alec Gill's dedication to, and portrayal of, Hull's fishing culture.



Title: The Alec Gill Hessle Road photo archive
Publisher: Alec Gill / Iranzu Baker, 2022
Author: Iranzu Baker
Photographer: Alec Gill
Graphic Design: Fran Méndez
Format: Softcover with flaps
Size: 21.5 x 27.5 cm, 306 pages
ISBN: 9781399933308

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