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Thomas Boivin: Ménilmontant (signed)

Thomas Boivin: Ménilmontant (signed)

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Thomas Boivin's photographic novella takes us on an intimate, meandering journey through the coffee, shops and apartments of a bohimian Parisian neighbourhood, Ménilmontant

Nestled in the North-East of the city, between Belleville and the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Ménilmontant was once the city's industrial heart but is now known for its bohemian community. 

"In autumn 2009, I moved to Ménilmontant. I had recently discovered photography and when I arrived there, my life pivoted entirely. In a few short months, I had decided to become a photographer, found a night job as a commercial photographer and bought a few hundred rolls of film. I started working by night and walking by day and, for the next ten years, my life’s rhythm was set. 

Recently, looking through my archive, I found many images that I had until now left aside, often unconsidered. One by one, I rediscovered them. Still lifes, street life, friends and strangers alike are gathered here in what is a personal evocation of these years. Yet I hope that they convey a feeling that is not only mine, but distinctly Parisian, and might echo the memories of whoever lived the first years of his adult life in the North East of Paris." - Thomas Boivin 

Boivin's exquisite analogue black-and-white photographs, printed in a rich open tritone are presented in an elegant design inspired by the countless classic French novels, to be found for sale on the banks of the Seine.

Title: Ménilmontant
Publisher: Stanley/Barker, 2023
Photographer: Thomas Boivin
Graphic Design: Studio Plastac
Format: Paperback
Size: 22 x 15 cm, 76 pages
ISBN: 9781913288617
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