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Trigger #02: Uncertainty

Trigger #02: Uncertainty

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What if we allow speculation, messiness and befoggedness to set the conditions for documentary gestures and practices? Contemporary documentary practice has a crucial role to play within art, mainstream media and activism. It constitutes less a genre, and more ‘a critical method’ in its own right. How can we rethink the documentary attitude conceptually, formally and methodologically? Uncertainty has become documentary’s given. What if this unfinished business of the documentary, creates even more possibilities for speculation and imagination? How can we make decentralized, deformatted and polycentric documentaries, even if we assume that we will never fully succeed?


Title: Trigger #02, Uncertainty
Publisher: Fw: Books, 2021
Author: Liz Orton, Petra Van Brabandt, T.J. Demos, Duncan Forbes, Max Pinckers, Georges Senga, Hoda Afshar, Fred Ritchin, Wilco Versteeg
Graphic Design: Hans Gremmen
Format: Softcover
Size: 32 x 24 cm, 96 pages
ISBN: 9789490119928
Edition: -
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