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Washi F 35mm Film 24 Exposures (£8.50 incl VAT)

Washi F 35mm Film 24 Exposures (£8.50 incl VAT)

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Washi F is a special "Fluorographic" medical X-Ray film that is mainly used in Eastern countries for diagnosing lung diseases. It combines the nice aesthetic of X-Ray films with the physical property of classic camera film. As there is no anti-halation layer it gives a very strong diffusion effect and high grain.

Name: Film Washi F
 Film Washi
 Black and white (negative)
 ISO: 100
35mm DX Coded: 
Spectral sensitivity:
Normal Process:
Cross Process: -
Push process:
Exposure latitude: -
Verified Manufacturer:
 Film Washi

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