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Yaniv Edry: Litay's Garden (signed)

Yaniv Edry: Litay's Garden (signed)

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Litay's Garden features Litay at her home miles and miles away from the bright lights of the fashion world. The garden holds a universal symbolism, representing fertility, mysticism, and temporality, with a unique duality of being both enclosed and open.

This world is both a real location and an abstract ideal. With her deliberate sphinx-like gaze her rebellious persona is evident in her work from Balenciaga campaigns to Miu Miu runways and editorials for Pop magazine and Vogue, known for being hard to engage, rejecting coveted fashion opportunities for the solace of her artichokes.

At 26, she's become a mythological figure, defining conventions, preferring her crops to networking.

Title: Litay's Garden
Publisher: Self published, 2023
Photographer: Yaniv Edry
Format: Softcover, stitched
Size: 24.5 x 24.5 cm, 119 pages
Edition: 600 (6 different covers)
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